SEO & Digital Marketing

Looking to be in the first of the search results?
We'll help you with our SEO and Marketing Expertise

Search Engine Optimization:

SEO is totally based on the Key Words we use when searching over the Internet, SEO enables your site and products to be in the first of the list which gives you a chance
to good leads based on the quality you provide

What We Do:

Research & Identify KeyWords for your business
Third party add-on's on your web pages
On-page optimization
content & Implementation
Off-page optimization
Tracking the customer response and feedback

Digital Marketing:

Well Everything is online these days which is totally a good advantage to the business, a good marketing over the digital media is always an add-on to your business

Uses Of Digitalization:

Brand Reputation
Easily Accessible
Targeting The Right audience
Direct Access To Customer Reports and Feedbacks or queries

What We Do:

Research & Analysis
Identifying keyword opportunities
On-page optimization
content & Implementation
Speed test & site performance
Off-page optimization
KeyWord Analysis and Tracking

Social Media Marketing:

Would you believe that 70% of products are sold through internet? and 30% of business leads are generating through Social media marketing,we'll take care of this SM
Marketing through Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn to increase the brand awareness and improve your online presence so we can target the right (audience) clients there social media channels.

What We Do:

Research & Identify Opportunities
Prioritize the opportunities(Facebook Groups, page likes, twitter and leads)
Addressing The Customer Queries
Data review and feedback reports from the clients

Email Marketing:

E-mail marketing is the direct source of reaching the customers,it's cheap than any other marketing menthods. But can you do it on your own? cos the mail service providers are more talented and they'll mark these kinds of mails as SPAM which many of us will not even check those mails. Like to have your brand/products or business have this marketing? let us know we'll do it for you and YES not as a spam.

What We Do:

Build & manage our clients database
Create eye selecting impressions, Invites & News Letters

PPC Marketing:

Pay Per Click. a result oriented method for generating the leads and business to your products. Promoting the products & Services as sponsored Ads is an absolute way to attract customers

What We Do:

Keyword Research & Conversion Analysis
Ad copy creation
Campaign Setup & Lead Generation
Analyzing the reports and providing the guidelines for better improvements

Affiliate Marketing:

Using the Affiliate's as mediators we advertise your services and products to the online market, creating an awareness on your products and services. less cost and more effective way for lead generation

What We Do:

Advertising your products & services
Enabling customer interaction with the ads
Redirecting the ads to your product and services page
Increase The Brand Awareness